Natural Way To Relieve Constipation

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Natural Way To Relieve Constipation

Sometimes we find ourselves consuming an overly contractive diet that leaves us a bit constipated. How do we combat this without using medications, or expensive herbal remedies and treatments , or laxative teas that tend to exasperate the problem?

If I give you a recipe that really tastes good, doesn’t take too long to prepare, and helps the issue, would you try it? I hope so!

Please try not to get turned off by the term “sea vegetable” because there are some that are odorless and tasteless. One of them is, agar-agar, a white flake derived from a sea vegetable, and it’s used to replace gelatin. Agar-Agar is used it to make “jello”, (otherwise known as kanten), with fruit. (Tomorrow I will post a recipe for strawberry “jello”). Since regular gelatin is made from the bones of animals, agar is a much better option!

Kuzu, or Kudzu, a wild plant root used to make a white starch or a thickening agent, also an excellent way to regulate digestion.


  1. How much do I use of agar agar flakes to help me to go to the washroom
    regularly? Thanks Debs

    • What you want to get is called Kuzu powder (also known as Kudzu, white root starch) which has great medicinal properties and helps effectively regulate digestion. Still, it is important to note that you wouldn’t take Kuzu every day*. The key is to use medicinal drinks as an aid, but not as a dietary lifestyle. With proper balanced dietary changes; eating organic whole grains, vegetables, legumes and occasional fish, digestion will improve on its own and one would only take Kuzu occasionally.
      Here is the recipe for the Kuzu medicinal drink, called Ume-Sho-Kuzu and is prescribed for irregular bowl movements:
      1 tsp. Kuzu (Kudzu) powder
      1 C water
      1/3 umeboshi (3 years pickled) plum (extremely alkaline, used in many medicinal drinks as a an “antibiotic”, for lack of a better word)
      5 drops Shoyu (soy sauce)

      Dissolve Kuzu powder in water, add umebshi plum and gently bring to boil while constantly stirring. Add Shoyu and simmer another 3 min. The liquid will become transparent and thicken. Drink warm. Enjoy 🙂

      *Do not take more than 1C of Ume-Sho-Kuzu daily and have no more than 3 days in a row.

      **Please consult your dietatitian or macrobiotic counselor for which medicinal drink would be proper for your condition.
      The difference between having constipation or diarrhea determines which Kuzu drink should be made.

  2. How much and how do you do you mix the agar-agar, in water or what?

    • Hi Nanette,
      I’m sorry if it isn’t clear. I posted a recipe for Strawberry “Jello” that has instructions how to use. You can use any fruit and get the same results. I hope this helps!

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