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Fantastic Yoga Guide

There are a few different types of yoga to choose from, whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned practitioner, or seek a more spiritual experience.

Here is a list of most common yoga practices with a brief description for each:

1- Hatha ~ For beginners; the goal of Hatha yoga is to develop flexibility and balance, and to really breathe into every movement. Combining poses, asanas, and breathing, you will find this class to be very relaxing and restorative.

2 – Bikram ~ For building flexibility; founded by Bikram Choudhury, sometimes referred to as “hot yoga” to mimic the climate in India, 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 40 percent humidity level. The heat is said to loosen your muscles, increasing your flexibility.

3 – Vinyasa ~ For weight loss; this practice is generally fast-paced, sometimes referred to as “power yoga”, you move continuously throughout the class. Lunging, bending, stretching, standing and seated poses help to build balance, flexibility and strength. Sun Salutation is the most well-known vinyasa sequence.

4 – Kundalini ~ For a spiritual experience; the goal is to release the energy stored at the base of the spine, chanting of mantras and breathing is used to calm the mind and energize the body.

5 – Iyengar ~ For those with neck and back problems; emphasizes proper alignment to strengthen muscles and support your joints by using blocks and straps, inversions, standing and seating techniques are used.

6 – Ashtanga ~ For seasoned yogis; physically challenging and consists of a sequence of poses, mostly executing 70 poses in 90 minutes or as much as two hours.

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