Spring Cleaning Your Liver

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Spring Cleaning Your Liver

Since Spring is the season for liver, which is cause for regeneration and growth, it is important to eat foods that will assist in cleansing the liver and improve it’s function.

The liver’s job is to keep your blood as clean as possible. It is the filtration system that sorts out the good and the bad in your body. It is also a storage place for un-eliminated toxins. Proper nourishment gives your body the best possible chance of getting rid of toxins.

Many chemicals are fat soluble making it more difficult to break down, therefore, storing them in your fat cells making it more difficult to lose weight. A liver cleanse, exercise and massage are important to help release the toxins that are stored. If you are doing a cleanse, it is important to eliminate sugar (even fruit) because your body will convert fatty toxins into energy rather than getting energy from the sugar. It is much easier for the body/liver to get energy from sugar than from fat.

Everything that enters our bodies passes through the liver; drugs, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, hormones (artificial & natural), food, cosmetics, etc. creating a potential overworked organ. Cleansing and eating lots of vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, artichokes and any greens are especially good for the liver, providing a good source of vitamin B to assist in detoxification.

Sour foods such as vinegars, and lemon are also helpful to your liver. A cup of dandelion tea is also great for your liver!

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