Fascinating Facts About Vegetables

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Fascinating Facts About Vegetables

A must know for all vegans, vegetarian and macrobiotic practitioners!

Did you know that based on in which manner a particular vegetable grows, when consumed, it actually benefits specific parts of our body?

For example:

  • Long root vegetables, such as carrots and daikon especially nourish the lower parts of our body, since they grow deep and straight down into the ground.
  • Round vegetables, like onions, cabbage, squash and rutabaga benefit our mid-section, since they grow above or in the shallow ground and are round.
  • Vegetables that grow upward and above ground such as greens (kale, collards, broccoli etc.) and corn, benefit the upper body.
  • Vegetables like leeks can be used more often instead of onions, especially in springtime since they are naturally balanced with green part growing above aground and white part growing under ground.
  • Broccoli and cauliflower support respiratory system. After all, their flowers do look like bronchias.

Talk about common sense. Fascinating, isn’t it!

So next time you are stir frying, sautéing or steaming your veggies think about creating balance with veggies above and below ground and particular parts of your body that need extra nourishment.

There is a food for thought for you.

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