Maintaining Proper Digestion

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Maintaining Proper Digestion

I would imagine that after a long Thanksgiving weekend, your digestion may be a bit off track?

Proper digestion is essential to balanced health and your overall well being. Everything starts here!

The consumption of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, and drinking plenty of water all aid in proper digestion. Regular exercise and a relaxed mind are also key to keep things moving.

Our digestive tract is lined with what is known as  microvilli, in which the primary function is nutrient absorption. Microvilli are packed with enzymes that aid in digestion and in the binding of substances which assist in proper elimination. It is very important to keep these microvilli vibrant and healthy. (I envision these microvilli as millions of tiny finger-like, moving things that are vibrant like flowers or something I would see under the ocean, lining our digestive tract. When they are damaged by what we consume, I imagine them as wilted flowers, needing proper care to spring back to life).

Destruction of these microvilli are caused by foods that should be avoided as much as possible. Chemical preservatives, additives, artificial coloring and flavoring, MSG, fried foods, coffee, alcohol, and of course sugar. Too much chlorine from the swimming pool, if you spend long hours there, can also be a culprit. Cigarette smoking and the use of drugs also have a big impact on our digestive sysytem and can damage these sensitive microvilli.

If we are over-eating, eating too fast, not chewing well, or perhaps eating too late (not waiting 3 hours before going to bed), eating foods that are too hot or too cold, all have an impact on our digestion.

Do your best to keep your digestive system healthy and moving along because accumulated waste causes stagnation, weight gain, omentum (dangerous mid-section fat), and over all health problems. Your body will be so grateful!

A couple of things that may be helpful to getting you back on track:

– Aloe Vera Juice

– Eating your protein first, then your grain, then salad

– Always eat fruit alone

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