Do You Suffer From Indigestion?

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Do You Suffer From Indigestion?

If you suffer from indigestion or heartburn, you are 1 of 40% of Americans that are plagued with this problem!

Digestion and heartburn problems are caused by many different things. A big contributor is when gas forms from bacteria that acts on undigested carbohydrates, poor food combining, over eating, too many fatty or spicy foods, sugar, wheat, and dairy. Caffeine, soda, alcohol, fluoride from water or toothpaste  are also huge culprits.

When we have indigestion our energy is reduced we have constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, or allergic reactions. Chronic indigestion causes us to age more quickly and lowers our immune defenses, and you may be at risk of infections. As we age, our digestion naturally weakens. The solution is not over-the-counter antacids, as these may become extremely habit forming and may cause changes in your digestive chemistry. The more antacids you take, the more you will need them. Although good for temporary relief. So what are the secrets to better digestion?

Here are a few suggestions:

– Eat plenty of fresh foods, as they provide the crucial enzymes our digestive systems need. (mixing up cooked and raw foods)

– take probiotics, (“friendly bacteria” )which help with viruses and yeast among many other health benefits

– eat fruits on an empty stomach or alone

– eat plenty of fiber (grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables)

– eat alkaline foods (mineral water , sea vegetables, green vegetables, miso, brown rice, some herbal teas)

– chew well

– eat apples (pectin)

– avoid late night eating, smoking, fried foods, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and sugar-free candy

I hope you are on your way to better health and digestion!



  1. Very helpful advice indeed!

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