Hormone Disruptors – Part 6 (Male or Female)

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Hormone Disruptors – Part 6 (Male or Female)

I have decided to do a series of posts that I hope will enlighten you on very common ingredients that we consume or ingest every day that may have an impact on your hormones.

The symptoms of hormone disruptions vary from lack of sleep to hot flashes, spacey behavior, fatigue, under active thyroid, migraines, pulmonary problems, early puberty. And the list goes on and on. These chemicals are found not just in our foods, but also in common household items such as plastics, pesticides, fertilizers, flame retardants, food packaging, and household cleaners.

My recommendation is to avoid chemicals as much as possible, without living in a bubble of course. The market these days has a huge selection of healthier alternatives. All you have to do is educate yourself and make better choices. Every little bit makes a difference.

Here is the sixth chemical to avoid:

  • PBDEs: This chemical is found in old upholstery such as couches, futons, car seats,toys, children’s clothing, electronics, and carpeting. Was used as a flame retardant.  This chemical has been linked to brain development, low thyroid, and reproductive problems.

Recommendation: All products made before 2006 in the U.S may contain PBDEs. Avoid old furniture, if possible, old vacuum cleaners, and anything labeled flame-resistant.

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