Making a Fresh (& Clean) Start

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Making a Fresh (& Clean) Start

Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving 365 days a year. Make a fresh, clean start and give your body, mind and spirit an opportunity to experience life free of pain, anxiety or worry!

In addition to eating better, avoiding toxic chemicals, and getting plenty of exercise and sleep, how can you help your entire being? A body detoxification is definitely a huge benefit to transformation, but how do you cleanse your mind and your spirit for mental and emotional balance or clarity?

I encourage you to start a light regime of doing away with what ever is no longer serving you in your life and your body. Make it practical and easy and you will reap huge rewards! Here are a few tips to get you started, if only for a week, see if you feel a difference. Just for fun, give whatever you can a try:

For Your Body:

– Try no processed foods and eat only organic
– Eat protein once a day
– Do 30 minutes of some kind of exercise, try to break a sweat
– Use only organic skin/hair care products and other cosmetics
– Use only glass or stainless steel, no plastic
– Open doors and windows for ventilation
– Use only natural products for house cleaning

For Your Mind & Spirit:

– Be grateful and express your gratitude daily
– Journal, write things down. If you are doing any form of free-form writing (expressing anger, resentment, or other releasing) burn it or tear it up, so as not to keep the negative energy in your space
– Do not watch, read or listen to negative news or music
– Make personal connections, limit email or social media
– Set daily and bed-time intentions
– Forgive
– Sit quietly by yourself for 10-20 minutes a day
– Be in nature

If you only do this regime for a week, you will feel so much better  and your thinking will start to become more positive and clear. Keep up the good work!

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