What Does Your Poo Say About You?

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What Does Your Poo Say About You?

Although this is not a pleasant subject, it is a topic we must not avoid as it is essential to our health!

Abundant, frequent bowel movements (daily), is one of the most important bodily functions we have! Our intestines are about 26 feet long, which contain plenty of great hiding places for waste to get trapped. If you are not moving things along on a regular basis, chances are your entire immune sysytem is being compromised.

The average person may be carrying at least 7 lbs of excess weight due to constipation. If you are not eliminating properly, it stagnates, rots, and hardens, causing a host of health problems from cramping, weak immune system, weight gain, and disease causing our bodies to break down. Your entire immune system relies on a healthy digestive tract.

So what are the things that cause our systems to back up? Of course, an unhealthy diet; sugar, animal protein, drugs, alcohol, antibiotics, and too little fiber.

So what to do and what to look for?

–  Avoid the foods and other things that are not good for you, as mentioned above.
–  Eat tons of fiber and leafy greens
–  Make sure to have a bowel movement everyday, at least once
–  Stools should be light enough to float
–  Stools should be odorless and there should be no gas
–  Chew, chew, chew your food well!
– Wait at least three hours before going to bed after eating
– Color should be light to medium brown

What does it mean if the color is:
– Very light brown: too much fat, possible liver problems, constipation, too little fiber
– Black: duodenal ulcer, internal bleeding, too much iron supplements, heavy alcohol intake
– Dark red: internal bleeding, internal hemorrhoids, polyps, diverticulitis, colon cancer
– Bright red: hemorrhoids, digestion disorders, colon cancer
– Orange: gallbladder malfunction
– Yellow: pancreatic problems
– Dark green: undigested vegetables, IBS, ulcerative colitis, celiac disease
– Gray: malabsorption

I hope this information is helpful!

Happy digesting!

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