Liver Function & Care

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Liver Function & Care

The liver is often referred to as “The General” of the body. The liver is body’s most complex organ and is, for the most part, responsible for the health of every body system.

If you really stop and think about it, your liver converts everything we eat, drink, absorb, and breathe into life sustaining substances. The liver filters out toxins at a rate of over a quart of blood per minute! Whew! That’s a lot filtering!

The liver also manufactures bile to digest fats and prevent constipation. It stores vitamins, minerals, and enzymes and releases them to build and maintain healthy cells. It produces interferon, which is a natural germ killer and is responsible for over 1500 functions that maintain our immune systems. Our liver also metabolizes hormone excesses.

The great news is that our livers have amazing regenerative powers and a complete liver renewal program takes only from 3 months to a year! Our bodies are truly amazing!

So what are the signs of an exhausted liver?

Here are a few symptoms:

– tiredness/sluggishness
– depression
– anger or irritation
– unexplained weight gain
– poor digestion/indigestion/nausea after meals
– food or chemical sensitivities
– pms
– constipation/diarrhea
– itchy skin
– shakes
– distention in stomach
– unexplained head or body aches
– slightly yellow skin/psoriasis/eczema/rosacea
– fluid retention/bags under eyes
– frequent colds, flu, or infections
– coated tongue

Here are the foods that support liver and it’s functions:

– vegetable fiber
– potassium rich food (certain seafood or dried fruits)
– artichokes, beets, endive, radish, arugula, dandelion greens, tumeric
– leafy and sea greens
– enzyme rich foods
– cruciferous veggies, onion, garlic
– sprouts, whole grains, tofu
– aloe vera juice
– dandelion tea
– drink plenty of water and exercise

My advice is to be conscious and eliminate as many toxins as possible going into the body. Be aware what you are putting IN and ON your body, what you are using to clean your home (or office), and keep your environment as natural as possible.

**It may be helpful to know that the emotion associated with the liver is anger and resentment.

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