Emotion & Body Connection

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Emotion & Body Connection

Did you know that our emotions are associated with different organs of the body?

If we have a consistent feeling or emotion about something that is never healed or resolved, it puts our bodies in a state of dis-ease, therefore, ultimately having an effect on our health.

There are so many resources available to assist you in healing. Please visit our Recommended Reading List for books that may support you in healing. Autumn is the season for respiratory system (lungs) and digestion (large intestine).

For example:

  • Liver/ Gall Bladder…………Anger / Resentment
    (sound associated: shouting)
  • Heart / Small Intestine……Joy / Happiness
    (sound associated: laughing)
  • Spleen / Stomach………Sympathy / Worrying
    (sound associated: singing)
  • Lungs / Large Intestine……Grief / Sadness
    (sound associated: weeping)
  • Kidneys / Bladder……………Fear
    (sound associated: groaning)


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