Fighting Flu Naturally

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Fighting Flu Naturally

There seems to be so many upper respiratory ailments this month, I thought it may be helpful to write a little something about the flu.

The flu is an upper respiratory infection, much like a cold, caused by the rhino-virus. Flu infections are more severe than a cold, last much longer and are more contagious. With the flu, there is a pronounced period of weakness and different stages, Acute, Recuperation, and Immune Support. It is important to keep your body warm while treating the flu.

Flu symptoms usually include sore throat, fever, chills, aches, congestion in the upper respiratory tract (sinus & lungs). Antibiotics are ineffective against the flu.

Here are some suggestions for getting rid of the flu with natural remedies:

– For 2-4 days, take in mostly liquids, such as soups, broths, green drinks, etc.

– After 2-4 days, eat a diet with lots of veggies and brown rice, salad and greens, cultured foods

– Avoid all processed, sugary, fried, dairy foods, alcohol, and smoking of any kind

– Rest, rest, rest

– At the beginning, sweat by taking hot baths and go right to bed, after 2-4 days do hot foot soaks to warm the body

– Netti pot morning and night

– Massage to release toxins and clear meridians

– Keep intestinal tract flowing and with plenty of friendly flora

After getting over the flu and to help strengthen your immune system, keep things light and simple for 3-4 weeks! Be gently with your body and avoid strenuous exercises.

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