Interesting Facts About Lungs

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Interesting Facts About Lungs

Did you know that your right lung has three lobes and your left lung only has two? That is because the left side has space restrictions due to the heart’s location.

The lungs are protected by the rib cage, which is made up of 12 sets of ribs. These ribs are connected to the spine and go around the lungs to keep them safe. The primary functions of lungs is to transport oxygen from the air we breathe into our bloodstream, while taking away carbon dioxide, which is released into the air when we breathe out.

Beneath the lungs is the diaphragm, a dome-shaped muscle that works with the lungs to allow inhaling and exhaling.

According to the American Lung Association, adults typically take 15 to 20 breaths a minute, which comes to around 20,000 breaths a day.

An average person breathes in around 11,000 litres of air every day.

The total length of the airways running through the two lungs is 1,500 miles or 2,400 kilometers.

People who have a large lung capacity can send oxygen around their body faster. You can increase you lung capacity with regular exercise.

Quite interesting, isn’t it!

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