Benefits & Proper Use of Essential Oils

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Benefits & Proper Use of Essential Oils

Essential oils are composed of active substances that are very effective in dealing with minor everyday ills, to purify the air, or disinfect. Why use harmful artificial fragrances, chemicals, or substances that are toxic when a pure, natural alternative is available to us for the highest benefit to our home, body, and planet?

There are many different ways to use essential oils. By air diffusion, orally, or cutaneous use. If using essential oils, you want to use the highest and purest quality, preferably organic brands.

  • Air Diffusion: It is always best to use a diffuser that does not heat the oils. The aromatherapy can eat up odors from cooking, mold, mildew, airborne microorganisms, pets, and everyday pollutants.
  • Orally: Not typically advisable (check with your doctor), but make sure they are organic and the purest form.
  • Cutaneous: It is best to dilute in a vegetable oil before applying to the skin. This application can be applied by massage or simply rubbing into the skin. Also, wonderful in the bath. Their powerful disinfecting properties are highly antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Diffusing oils in your home keep it smelling fresh. I like to put a saturated disposable towel  in my vacuum cleaner for a fresh aroma throughout every room! If your vacuum cleaner has a water reservoir, just a few drops would be great OR you can saturate a cotton ball and tie it up in a handkerchief or small piece of cotton fabric for a natural mothball treatment. Thankfully, I never had to use this when my girls were growing up, but many people I know could have used this treatment for head lice!

Here is the remedy:

20 ml Sweet Almond oil
2 drops Fine Lavender
2 drops Tea Tree
5 drops Bourbon Geranium

Mix well before using.
Leave on scalp and hair for one hour.
Rinse with a mild shampoo.
It’s probably best to use on all hair products and lice comb.

As a preventative measure, put 1-2 drops Fine Lavender on the comb or brush before doing your child’s hair.

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