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Feu do Bois

Bath Soaps ~ 100% Vegetable Base With Hydrating Essential Oils

I have had this bar of soap for months and has lasted longer than any other bar of soap I’ve ever used. No lotion is needed after a bath or shower because of the hydrating oils in the soap. It is amazing and all natural!

Soaps made from 100% natural vegetable base of pure coconut oil – No extraction solvents, harsh acids, or chemical preservatives are present in the formula

  • 14% olive oil, almond oil, and silk proteins have been added for extra skin softening properties. Almond oil and rice proteins nourish and help increase firmness in skin tissue. 
  • Scented with natural essential oil (90% minimum) based fragrances that create a luxurious and creamy lather.
  • A generous bath bar, shaped for smooth application of beneficials oils.
  • A silky, nourishing layer will remain on the skin after using that is quickly absorbed, leaving a softness that is immediately noticeable. Restores, softens, and pampers your skin.
  • Hand wrapped and boxed and ready to be used as a gift.
  • 100% vegan, cruelty free with no animal testing.

This soap and a candle, also found in our Boutique, together make a perfect gift!

Sale ~ 50% OFF
At checkout, use code: GOODNESS

Price: $17.00

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