Keepsake Fragrant Candles

Fresh Cut Gardenia

Find Bliss In Every Room

I’ve been through many candles, but I have never had such a fabulous candle that lasts this long and doesn’t irritate me after a while. I use them everyday for meditation and I keep the glass vessel for pens, make-up brushes, and flowers!

  • Oversized 16 oz candle
  • 90+ hours burn time
  • Hand blown keepsake glass vessel
  • Soy / paraffin blend for better fragrance
  • Quality fragrances (90% minimum natural essential oil base) permeates each space evenly
  • 100% cotton wick
  • Comes in a variety of scents specific (specially crafted to cater the atmosphere) to each room in your apartment or a house.

Enjoy your quiet corner & bring bliss to every room!

Price: $40.00

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