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Goodness Gracious is overflowing with mouth-watering and alluring recipes as well as daily messages to guide and inspire! It lovingly portrays an individualized style of grace and beauty with its exquisite photography. Packed with tips for healthy living, wisdom, and inspiration, Goodness Gracious brings together everything you need to invigorate your body, mind and spirit!

Great book for encouraging overall wellness w/ healthy recipes & inspirational quotes
By Kari A. Kiel – June 8, 2013
A delightful introduction to healthy living
By Spider – June 11, 2013

A great selection of delicious macrobiotic recipes, quotes to inspire and thoughts to uplift ~ a must for every household!
By Book Passion “Mark Poe” – June 10, 2013
Stunning book with amazing recipes
By b_ruxin25 – June 10, 2013

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