• This fantastic appetizer steals the show, every time! The next time you plan a gathering, party or an event this recipe is a must on the menu!
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  • A simple recipe to enjoy on a fresh, warm bread.
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  • When I have limited time and still want to impress my guests, this simple, refreshing appetizer always hits home.
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  • These mini peppers make a terrific appetizer, especially when paired with this Black Bean & Corn Salad. Your guests will be delighted!
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  • These are a perfect appetizer for your sunset happy hour, served with Nachos or a Santa Fe Salad, your guests won't stop raving about this! I like...
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  • A fantastic appetizer for those summer get-togethers. Paired with a warm pita bread - simply delicious!
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  • These delicious little treats can be prepared in less then 20 minutes! Perfect for summer parties, beach or picnic!
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  • Such a fun treat served with crackers, chips or cruditĂ©s, I'm sure all your guests will admire! Happy Easter!
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  • This recipe is usually prepared with shellfish so I experimented and came up with a delicious alternative so it can be enjoyed by our vegan friends. Great...
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  • A great addition to your Holiday menu! A fun twist to the traditional Bruschetta, this vegan friendly appetizer takes just a few minutes to prepare! Also enjoy...
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  • This dish is so rich in flavor and can be used as an appetizer or as a meal. Served with Brown Rice With lentils & Kale and a...
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  • This simple and rustic focaccia goes great with, or without sprinkled cheese-substitute. Even the strongest of will dare only have one. Give it a try today!
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  • A wonderfully refreshing, nutritious appetizer for all of your 4th of July celebrations! Serve it with chips, crackers or warm pita bread with homemade pride or enjoy...
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  • A delicious, easy to make, everyone's favorite Memorial Day recipe! Get together and dig in.
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  • Perfect appetizer to kick of a party and complement any meal. Vegetarian, vegan and plant-based recipe for guilt-free enjoyment.
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  • These nutritious quinoa croquettes are an amazing treat, prepare with ease and in no time at all. Your taste buds and your body will thank you! Read...
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  • This recipe is fantastic for those Sunday football games, served with Seitan Hot Wings, you can't beat it!
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