• A perfect addition to your holiday table!
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  • Welcome your guests with these favorite healthy holiday cookies!
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  • This delightful recipe can be prepared with any type of berries. Served as is, or warm with Vanilla Non-Dairy Ice Cream, it pleases even the most demanding...
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  • Wholesome and delicious, just the way grandma used to make it, this classic desert is now even healthier with all vegan ingredients.
    15 November 2017 // 0 Comments
  • To get you in the Halloween mood here is a wonderfully delicious pumpkin dessert! Oh and don't worry, there is nothing scary in it.
    27 October 2017 // 0 Comments
  • I absolutely LOVE these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Alicia Silverstone's Cookbook, "The Kind Diet"!
    19 October 2017 // 0 Comments
  • This Autumn favorite reminds me of my childhood; playing outside all day and finally as the night falls being lured back home by the sweet smell of...
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  • Time for another delicious, kid friendly vegan desert. Summertime is almost over so why not make the best out of it!
    15 September 2017 // 0 Comments
  • Packed full of nutrients, light and delicious this dish is sure to satisfy all!
    18 August 2017 // 0 Comments
  • Today is the National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and we have a perfect contender! These ultimate chocolate chip cookies, are made with sugar-free, dairy-free and egg-free ingredients....
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  • One of our favorite summertime delights, these Peach Popsicles are free of refined sugars and deliciously fruity. Easy to make and fun for the whole family!
    21 July 2017 // 0 Comments
  • The weather is sizzling and these refreshing treats are perfect for keeping you cool. They are simple to make and make a fun little project for the...
    14 July 2017 // 0 Comments
  • This recipe is not only delicious, it also cools the body and helps combat constipation. You can use apples or pears instead of berries for a more...
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  • Delightfully refreshing on a hot summer day! So easy and quick to prepare, even kids will enjoy making them.
    26 June 2017 // 0 Comments
  • A delicious and nutritious vegan recipe for a snack or dessert - any time, anywhere! Treat yourself after a work-out or take with you on the next...
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  • Classic dessert goes vegan, this key lime pie is sugar-free, egg-free and dairy-free for your guilt-free enjoyment!
    24 February 2017 // 0 Comments
  • Perfectly satisfying snack, anytime, anywhere. Bring it to work, on a hike, enjoy between the meals or after a workout. When you get to be known as...
    22 February 2017 // 0 Comments
  • A perfect addition to your Valentine's Day menu or a surprise treat just before sunset, with a cup of soothing tea. Let your love shine in a...
    13 February 2017 // 0 Comments
  • Vegan twist on the classic favorite! Great with a little Earth Balance spread or simply enjoyed as is.
    06 February 2017 // 0 Comments
  • My dear friend Milena made this incredible dessert and I couldn't get enough. This is a wonderful dessert anytime, but to have it over the weekend and...
    27 January 2017 // 0 Comments
  • Indulge your taste buds with this flavorful and guilt-free (non-dairy, sugar-free, vegan, hypoallergenic and macrobiotic), simple to make dessert and easily seduce even the pickiest of eaters!
    20 January 2017 // 0 Comments
  • Not only do these fantastic cookies taste great and take only about 20 minutes to make, they are also good for you...Just remember, moderation is still the...
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  • This is a perfect treat for all your weekend celebrations! Although it may seem lengthy, like most things requiring some effort, it is well worth it!
    23 September 2016 // 0 Comments
  • Who doesn't love a great Chocolate Chip Cookie? This simple and easy to make vegan version is sensational!
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  • What a delicious dessert and so fun to create!
    11 March 2016 // 0 Comments
  • You won't believe it - NO FLOUR, NO OIL, NO WHITE SUGAR!!! Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites that are plant based, macrobiotic, and vegan!
    04 March 2016 // 4 Comments
  • If you enjoy chocolate-raspberry combination and prefer desserts that are guilt-free, this recipe is for you! Easy to prepare and certain to impress your choco-raspeberry indulging company....
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  • This delightful treat is a great addition to your morning coffee or tea. Serve it with Caffè Mocha and you got yourself a perfect afternoon delight :)
    28 December 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Guilt-free ecstasy with every bite! Why not serve these little gems at your next get-together. Might want to tell your guests they are vegan and macrobiotic after...
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  • This vegan dessert will be a favorite for years to come. Served hot with vegan vanilla ice cream or at room temperature, you will love this easy...
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  • I love these simple to make strawberries! The combination of the sweetness of the strawberries and the not-so-sweet chocolate is perfection.
    22 May 2015 // 0 Comments
  • My sister & I were experimenting with this pound cake and it has really great flavor, but the consistency is a little dense. I thought perhaps maybe...
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  • I love cookies any time of day, any time of year!
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  • INGREDIENTS FOR CRUST 5 Tbs Earth Balance butter substitute, melted over low flame 6 graham crackers 1 cup crispy rice cereal 1/4 cup maple sugar 1/4 tsp...
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  • For your Valentine, these truffles are super easy!
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  • Try these sensational cookies, paired with a Cafe Mocha, you can't beat it!
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