Adorable Kid On A Mission

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Adorable Kid On A Mission

I love the story of this incredible little boy! We can all learn something from Ryan – and he is only 7 years old!

Here is an excerpt from Ryan’s “About” page:

“In 2012 at the age of 3, Ryan went along with his dad to the local recycling center and cashed in a few small bags of cans and bottles and decided that recycling was in his future. The day after going to the recycling center, Ryan notified his mom and dad that he wanted to give empty plastic bags to all the neighbors and maybe they would save their recyclables for him. Not only did the local neighbors save their cans and bottles for Ryan but so did their friends, families and co-workers. Today, Ryan has customers all over Orange County, CA and he has a passion to recycle that is amazing. Ryan spends a part of every week sorting thru cans and bottles from his customers and getting them ready to take to the recycle center.

In late 2016, Ryan’s recycling story went viral and he was featured on hundreds of web sites and radio stations around the planet. He was even asked to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show and was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and featured on CNN, PBS, FOX News, CNBC, Voice of America, UpWorthy, NOW THIS!, 60 Second Docs, USA Today, Good Morning America, ABC World News and hundreds of ABC affiliate news stations around the world. (He even got a shout out from Chelsea Clinton, George Takei and Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr on Twitter).

Ryan has been recognized internationally for his recycling efforts and has received awards from The Daughters of the American Revolution and the Mayor and City Council of San Juan Capistrano.

People ask all the time what kind of items that Ryan recycles. Ryan collects plastic and glass beverage bottles as well as aluminum cans. Ryan and his parents take them in by the truckload every few weeks to the local redemption center where they are unloaded, sorted and weighed.”

For more about Ryan and to join his efforts visit Ryan’s Recycling.

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