My Conversation with Alicia Silverstone

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My Conversation with Alicia Silverstone

I recently met Alicia Silverstone at the macrobiotic cooking class held by Warren Kramer. After talking with her about the reason I became macrobiotic she asked me if I would be interested in sharing my story with her readers at The Kind Life.

How could I resist! Here is an expert from an article inspired by our conversation:

I met Margie in February at one of Warren’s health and cooking classes. Her journey is so inspiring!! Margie, you are a serious rock star. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

When & why did you change your diet?
I became macrobiotic on 04-01-2007. I had been diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time. Once at the age of 30 and next at the age of 40 and I am a non-smoker. My doctor told me I had 5 years max left to live.
At that time, my daughters were 20 and 16. Ten years prior to my second diagnosis, I had read an article about an amazing woman, Mina Dobic. She had survived a cancer diagnosis (given only 2 months to live) by living a macrobiotic lifestyle. I had saved the magazine and filed it away for 10 years. I contacted Mina and she became my counselor. She is simply amazing! I am and always will be forever grateful to her. I did everything she suggested.It has been over 9 years and I am healthy!

After the shift, did you notice any changes immediately/down the line?
After the shift, I lost quite a bit of weight, not that I needed to, but eating so clean everything just falls off (including any unwanted growths). My skin got very clear and my energy is fantastic! These changes all happened very quickly once I cleaned up my diet…

To read the full article and find more great articles about health and wellness visit The Kind Life with Alicia Silverstone website.

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