Alchemy Wellness Spa

Alchemy Wellness Spa is a world class Urban Retreat located in Santa Barbara, an ideal amenity for people all over the world who are looking for life transforming services in an idyllic setting.

Their mission is to support their clients to live healthy, vigorous, meaningful and happy lives. They are a “quality of life” community, a place where clients can visit for pre-scheduled treatments and therapies, drop by to enjoy the delicious fresh produce Cafe menu, come in for a yoga or wellness class, experience flotation on the I-sopod, soak with vital force bath salts, detox in the infrared sauna, sit and relax, or experience quiet meditation in the heart of idyllic Santa Barbara.

With their delicate fusion of contemporary ideas about health, modern technology and old world therapies, Alchemy Arts Center is an oasis, a meeting place, a center for those seeking to improve the quality of their life through better health.


Alchemy Wellness Spa
Santa Barbara, California
phone: 805-899-8811