Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort offers wellness accommodations in Nosara, a village and district in the Nicoya canton in Costa Rica, on the Pacific Coast. Creatively designed around nature resort coexists peacefully with the surrounding jungle.

Solar panels heat all of the water used on the grounds while a treatment plant reclaims water further used to irrigate the gardens. The resort also works closely with the local community and encourages their guest to keep the environment clean and plastic free. Bodhi Tree is a consciously green resort and works towards being as environmentally friendly as possible in every aspect of their operations.

The grounds contain a salt water pool, private areas for reading, meditation and relaxing in nature. Their unique Spa offers a variety of treatments using locally organic oils and lotions. Juice Bar, conveniently located in the corner of the curved pool offers a variety of fresh squeezed juices cotributing to the already refreshing atmosphere. The open-air restaurant is a true dining experience, offering mainly vegetarian dishes prepared with a variety of healthy, organic and fresh ingredients.

The resort offers lodging at 26 beautiful Bali-style rooms, in 5 different arrangements, accommodating even the most picky of travelers.


Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort
Nosara, Costa Rica
phone: +506 2682-0256