Clinique La Prairie

Located on the Vaudois Riviera, near Montreux, known for its unique climate, Clinique La Prairie tranquilly resides in the lovely village of Clarens and offers spectacular views of the Alpine peaks. It sits on the shores of Lake Léman overlooking a splendid park, near a small pleasure port bordered by a picturesque promenade. The region offers a wealth of tourist, sporting and cultural activities.

During your stay, the clinic promises exclusive limousine service to help you relax through a personalized program of activities, such as visits of historic monuments, excursions to ski stations, a cruise on Lake Léman or a few hours of shopping in Montreux, Geneva or Lausanne.

Established in 1931, Clinique La Prairie quickly gained worldwide renown thanks to the work of Professor Paul Niehans, a pioneer in cellular therapy. As a preventative of aging, it has been adopted by patients coming from all around the world, including celebrities.

Clinique La Prairie and its team of 60 consultants are committed to helping its patients live better and longer. The holistic approach to healthcare sets it apart from other wellness establishments thanks to it’s unique outlook on each patient’s well being, offering most healthcare specialties with the strong belief that it is necessary to care for and treat the entire person rather than a single organ or illness.

And with the approach of health, beauty and wellness being the three essential needs for a happy life, Clinique La Prairie offers precise and long-term answers. More than a beneficial vacation, your stay at Clinique La Prairie is a launch-pad to a brand-new life.

Staying at the Clinique La Prairie is an opportunity to perform a personal review, an in-depth analysis of the state of one’s health and developing a greater awareness that will help guests lead a healthier and better balanced lifestyle long after their stay.


Clinique La Prairie
Montreux, Switzerland
phone: +41-21-989-33-11