Imanta Resort

Discover nature in all its undisturbed variety and beauty along the trails that lead from your suite through the forests, jungles, mountains and coastline that make Imanta one of the most singular places on earth. Imanta’s 250 acres adjoin the 160,000 acre vastness of the Sierra de Vallejo, one of Mexico’s internationally esteemed Reservas Natural Protegidas, or federal nature preserves.

On your own or with a guide, you will encounter species of animal and plant life that thrive here and sometimes nowhere else. Your senses will open to smells, sounds and sights that few others will ever have the privilege to encounter. For a time out of time, you will discovery and dwell in one of most well-preserved expanses of tropical deciduous rainforests on the planet.

Imanta Resorts Luxury Hotel and Signature Lots embodies a singular concept: the harmonious interaction of natural beauty in magnificent places with environmentally sensitive architectural design, bringing the individual charm of each site fully to life.

Open your mind, body and spirit still further to the life-enhancing benefits of Imanta’s pristine environment. The Spa Experience at Imanta offers a offers a range of  harmonic and balancing therapies delivered by seasoned therapists attuned to the power of place to deliver an unforgettable combination of service and setting.

Imanta’s private massage suite is located in the lower level of Tukipa. Or you may choose any of our exotic beach or jungle locations to receive your treatment. Savor a Shiatsu on the beach to the sound of the surf.  Give yourself over to a Prehispanic Hot Stone massage deep in the jungle under the rustling palms. Treat yourself to an invigorating Thai massage in the Observatorio tower high surrounded by soaring eagles. Or relax with a Reflexology treatment in the privacy of your own room.


Imanta Resort
Punta de Mita, Mexico
phone: 855-247-2599