Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot

Since late 2005, the property, with a considerable investment has undergone series of renovations that included rooms and suites and the common areas; such as the swimming pool, the fitness area, and the renowned indoor Spa. These renovations have made Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot increasingly innovative, all the while preserving the splendour of the olden times.

The Chenot method is based on the Chinese belief that most problems stem from poor digestion. The staff here emphasise that though weight loss may occur as a side-effect of undergoing the cure, the main benefit is to detox and rest the organs.

Two restaurants in Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot offer light, tasty dietetic cuisine using the Chenot method. The meals are prepared with the with fresh seasonal produce. The bio-light menu applies the food philosophy of the Chenot method, which patients learn about during individual consultations with their doctor and at various times during the health programme. The menus incorporates the use of organically farmed, antioxidant, hypotonic ingredients with high nutritional properties. Special attention of fundamental importance to the Chenot method, is given to the whole, unprocessed ingredients, and conserving their properties in the cooking methods.

Some of the amenities, as part of the Chenot method include steam rooms, massages and high pressure jet pool.


Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot
Merano, Italy
phone: 011-39-4-7327-1000