Vitalise Wellbeing Services

Vitalise Well-being offers services dedicated to bettering your health, the natural way. 

Begin or expand your yoga practice with a single class, a series of classes or a full yoga retreat, learn about improving and maintaining your personal health, attend a cooking class or hire a personal chef, all to inspire and achieve a healthy body, mind and spirit. In addition, an amazing range of massage treatments, Shiatsu or Thai Yoga Massage is bound to satisfy everyone’s personal needs. 

Workplace wellness program has been designed for those that would like to invite or recommend Vitalise Well Being Services; includes Chair Massage, Talks, Natural Meals. In addition, a range of natural dietary supplements is offered in 7 variations, to help maintain healthy cells and build a strong immune system.    

Vitalise Well-being also offers courses and workshops in Macrobiotic cooking, Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massages.


Vitalise Wellbeing Services
Ibiza, Spain
phone: 01689 890756