5 Reasons To Practice “Visioning”

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5 Reasons To Practice “Visioning”

To imagine something in my mind and accepting it as my reality is the concept of “visioning”. “Visioning” was introduced to me shortly after my diagnosis of lung cancer. It made sense to me and I believed it would be a very valuable tool in my healing…

There were a few types of visioning I practiced. First my sister and I bought stacks of magazines and sat in my family room and created our vision boards. My board had images of healthy, beautiful women, quotes that I found powerful (and I affirmed them daily), weddings and grand children, all adorned my board. I kept it in my kitchen where I stood to chop vegetables and cook for a few hours every day. It became one of my daily rituals. In addition to this vision board, I also used to imagine myself lying in a shallow stream surrounded by lush gardens, birds singing, and the cool, crisp water flowing through me from the top of my head, throughout my entire body, washing all cancer cells out through the bottom of my feet. I did this every night when I went to bed, every morning when I woke up, and every time I laid on my acupuncturists table. During meals, I envisioned the healthy foods I was eating as little happy S.O.S. scrubbing brushes gently washing away all the cancer cells. Knowing that the billions of healthy cells my body enveloped were kicking the crap out of the few unhealthy cells!
Granted, in the beginning it was difficult to see myself beyond the “deer staring into headlights” , but as the months past, using these tools as a part of my daily ritual (which was one of the most powerful tools for me), I became stronger and stronger, healthier and healthier! I began to know that God’s will for me was radiant health and vitality 🙂
Expanding the view of my life and health has had extraordinary benefits for which I am so grateful! Writing this article today is a reminder for me to create another vision board, or as USM would call them, Ideal Scenes, for the next great thing I want to manifest. I can’t wait to get started!
Would you be willing to create a vision board today?

Here are 5 reasons why I believe you will like it:

1. It may help you to determine where you want to go in life.

2. Expanding your sense of what’s possible for you is powerful! (health, relationships, success)

3. Opening up to the realization of all good life has in store for you is amazing.

4. Daydreaming is fun and healthy!

5. The power of seeing your self where and how you want to be is awesome!

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