5 Reasons To Practice The Foundation Of Healing

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5 Reasons To Practice The Foundation Of Healing

In a world filled with violence and unsettlement, it has become obvious to me that the world we live in clearly needs more love. This is not uncommon knowledge, and has been going on forever, but how can we start to build this foundation of healing? From what I have learned and what I know in my heart, if you focus seeing yourself in others (ALL others), you will recognize and acknowledge that we are all the same. One human to another human, one soul to soul. The simple awareness of yourself in others, creates a more “loving” world. Loving is a way of being, it is who we really are. As this way of being expands the globe, peace is possible. This loving energy is always present, always powerful, and the foundation of all healing!
Would you be willing to start the practice of seeing yourself in others? (ALL others?) Please try this where ever you go today. The gym, work, sitting in traffic, the grocery store, where ever you go, just try it. I guarantee, you will be smiling all day!

Here are 5 reasons to start today:

1. Acceptance
2. Compassion
3. Respect
4. Caring
5. Unconditional Loving

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