5 Reasons To Surrender…

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5 Reasons To Surrender…

Have you ever had a day that started out glorious and then somehow an experience occurs that puts you in a complete state of upset and turmoil and leaves you wondering what just happened? You try to understand how a simple misunderstanding can be so upsetting, and no matter what you do or say, only more upset occurs with you and whomever else is involved? This past week I had this scenario occur. I was on my way to a meeting, feeling great and excited to get there, when I made a phone call and a simple disagreement turned into a complete and total blow up. No matter what I said or how I tried to explain my side, I wasn’t being heard and every word I said seemed to be misinterpreted into something that it WAS NOT. The more I tried to explain and begged to stop arguing, the more it escalated. The very thing I was being accused of was the very thing I made sure I wasn’t doing, (complaining and blaming to be more precise). I felt at a complete loss as to handle the situation because he had his heels dug in and unwilling to look at any other perspective but his own. Now we were both angry. Frustrating beyond…
I am aware that my reactions are my responsibility (response-ability), and when I realize I could have handled things a different way, I try to make things better. Communication is the key for things to improve. Without that, there will never be any resolution. A week later, nothing is improving…Living in “I’m upset because” only perpetuates the hurt more for everyone involved and being aware that negative emotions hurt my health more than anything I can possibly do to my body, I know I must go within and use the tools I have learned to better deal with the situation.
What I have come to know is that I have to completely surrender and accept what is, because I can not change any other persons mind, feelings, or reactions. And believe me, I’ve tried with many different people in my life. We all know, that does not work. Hopefully, there will be an APP for that soon! :)))
In my opinion, surrendering means that I have to adjust to what is, admit my role in it (which I tried to do on deaf ears), know that I can not make anything happen. Working through it, however painful or fearful, and getting to a place of “I’m ok, no matter what” takes a lot of hard work and perseverance.
Who knows, surrendering may just allow a miracle to take place?
I pray, pray, pray that my heart and mind will make decicions for my highest good. That’s all I can do…
Are there any circumstances in your life that you have to just surrender to?
Here is a list of 5 reasons to surrender:

1. Surrendering helps to put you in a state of acceptance.

2. Surrendering helps you to overcome the fear of what could or might happen.

3. Surrendering opens you up to new ideas.

4. Surrendering is crucial for your health.

5. Surrendering helps you connect with Spirit.

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