5 Tips To Trying Something New

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5 Tips To Trying Something New

Most of us have experienced wanting, and often times NEEDING, to do something new or different in our lives, and we allow fear to get in our way. We all have excuses or reasons why we tend to be complacent or procrastinate, so how do we get to that place of trying something new or different that could be so fabulously life altering? Here are 5 tips that may help get you on your way:

1. Be still, go within, and identify what it is you are wanting to express, expand, or enhance in your life.

2. Create and recite an affirmation about it. Repeat this over and over.

3. Identify one step you could do today to help you get started. (this doesn’t have to be big, just ONE ACTION STEP).

4. Close your eyes and envision how you see yourself doing whatever it is you identified in step 1. Close you eyes and envision yourself happily doing step 3. Be enthusiastic and in the present tense!

5. Repeat all 4 steps above over and over again.


  1. Hi Margie, this is perfect as it’s the push I needed to get back into healthy eating and exercise again! Thank you thank you thank you xxxxx

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