A Simple Reminder…

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A Simple Reminder…

This weeks inspiration is a simple reminder (because sometimes we need to sharpen our skills), that what you focus on expands, what you resist persists, and what you say uplifts or tears down, words have lasting power.
Because you are the only one that thinks for you, remember that what you think matters. And because you are the only one that can speak for you, it is important to remember that the words coming out of your mouth matter. Often times we forget that words coming out of your mouth can be as harmful to you as bad food going into your mouth.
The beauty of all of this is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE your thoughts, your words, and your responses!

So remember:

If you want joy, think joyful thoughts and say joyful things.
If you want peace, think peaceful thoughts and say peaceful things.
If you want abundance and prosperity, think abundant, prosperous thoughts and say abundant, prosperous things.
If you want health, think healthy thoughts and say healthy things.
If you want love, think loving thoughts and say loving things.

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