Breakdowns = Breakthroughs

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Breakdowns = Breakthroughs

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I am grateful that my breakdowns have given me my breakthroughs!

It seems to me, as humans, we often create situations in our lives, or said another way, situations in our lives tend to occur, be it relationship problems, illness, money problems, weight issues, or problems at work, etc., that keep our lives interesting, yet stressful. In these times of pain, unpredictability, or “survival mode”, it seems difficult to see the world or each other in a spiritual way. When I say spiritual way, I’m referring to living with an open heart AND an open mind. Whatever the situation, be it heartache, not knowing where your next meal is coming from, overwhelm, or whatever it is, it’s important to remember that these breakdowns are most often, if not 100% of the time, the source of our biggest breakthroughs. Remembering that we are not separate from God, keeping an open heart AND an open mind, will help us to breakthrough whatever it is we are dealing with and come through it better on the other side.
For me, cancer was the ultimate in breakdowns, but as I worked through it, my connection to Spirit (which is ultimately my connection to My Self), keeping an open heart, and especially an open mind, allowed me to receive the gifts and many blessings I have received. For this, I am truly, truly grateful!  This was and still is my biggest breakthrough.
What breakthroughs have you experienced as a result of any breakdowns?

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