How Do You Impact The World?

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How Do You Impact The World?

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I am aware of my impact on the world!

Being aware of how you impact others and the world around you is sometimes difficult, and quite often, not something we are comfortable admitting. This is something I started thinking about this week when I asked a colleague of mine his opinion of something I was working on. I realized that when he expressed his opinion…,which felt a bit like he was criticizing me, when really all it was is his opinion. When his opinion was different than mine (not the answer I wanted to hear), I reacted defensively and almost aggressively. We hung up the phone irritated with each other and I was extremely frustrated. But a nagging sensation wouldn’t leave me alone. I was fully aware in that moment that I react that way a lot when people disagree with me. Not something I’m proud of, but through “the work” I continue to do, I have to be willing to accept the truth about myself, accept the fact that I react that way sometimes, be willing to listen, and not judge myself (or anyone else) about it. URGG!! I realized that when I feel criticized, I’m forced to look at the insights I have of myself. I know that I can not “fix” what I am not willing to look at. Jeez… does this ever get any easier?  Becoming aware of how I impact the world opens me up to work on the problem. From now on, when I catch myself reacting that way, right there in the moment, I am able to correct myself.
The same way that you are aware of any not-so-favorable behaviors, you will be aware of your love, peace, kindness and joy. Now that’s a great impact on the world!
Are you aware of how people see you?


  1. great post Margie. Something we all need to be more aware of, both the positive and the slightly negative! I just experienced something along these lines this morning and it was eye opening,then moments later I read your post – coincidence? I think not, this is my work for now too. 🙂

    • Thank you, Martha! I guess if someone brings something to my attention once, I may think it’s them, not me. (of course, right?) If a second person mentions the same thing, I have to stop and think perhaps I need to address this, if it happens a third time, hold everything! I MUST look a little closer and admit I need to adjust myself…Urgg! 🙂 Better now then go on that way, right?
      Thank you for the acknowledgment, your comments really help!

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