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All Good Things

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I am manifesting all good things in my life by choosing good thoughts!

As we have all heard before: “your thoughts create your reality”, well I hope you are listening now. We are responsible (response-able) for everything in our lives, both good and bad, through the choices we make. We create our experiences or situations by our thoughts, our actions, our feelings, and by our own words spoken. We can not place blame on anyone or anything for this. We are the only ones that can change our lives, by changing our minds and the thoughts we think.

Our mind creates our peace and happiness as well as our chaos and sadness. We attract everything that comes into our lives (manifestation) by what we hold in our minds. What we believe about ourselves becomes our reality. We have an unlimited supply of thoughts and feelings. What exists in your world is merely a reflection of what your beliefs about yourself  and your values are. If you’ve made a mistake, sacrificed your integrity, or whatever the circumstance that you have created for yourself, acknowledge it, take responsibility for it, and move forward. Dwelling and being unforgiving only perpetuates more negativity for yourself and your life.

Patterns from your childhood create your beliefs about yourself, good or bad. This belief pattern creates your life experiences. It’s up to you to change your thoughts about it and to take responsibility for yourself and your life to move forward in a positive way. Leave the past right where it is and focus on the present moment. Choose positive thoughts and beliefs and this will create a more positive future. It is in your power to create the life you want. For the most part, we tend to stay “stuck” in these patterns. By changing our thoughts, we free ourselves to manifest a wonderful life.

You are never, ever “stuck”, only in your mind. When you believe that you are helpless, hopeless, unworthy, weak, unattractive, I can’t do this or that, it’s too late, I’ll never have that, focused on lack and limitation, etc. that is your reality. When you choose thoughts that support you in a loving way, such as, I am helpful, hopeful, worthy, strong, beautiful, I have everything I need, I can do it, I am doing it, focused on abundance and positivity, etc. that is your reality. Whatever you choose to believe is what is accepted by your subconscious.

I encourage you to pay close attention to your words. The words you choose to speak also reflect your experiences. Words such as should instead of couldcan’t  instead of can, all make a huge difference in your reality.  Your words do make a difference and do create your reality. Here is an example: if you are angry with someone in the car and ask them to stop the car so you can get out, why would you be surprised if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. I invite you to mind your mouth and choose all of your words carefully. Negative words penetrate every cell in your body, even the walls of your house, so I encourage you to pay careful attention to the words you speak and also to words that are spoken to you. Do not allow or accept negative words spoken to you. It is never, ever acceptable.

If you focus on what you don’t want, more of the same will show up. For example: if your doctor tells you that you are sick, and your focus is on your illness rather than getting well, that will be your reality. So I encourage you to focus on getting well.

The universe will deliver. That’s just how it is. Whatever you want in your life, whatever you really, truly want, you will absolutely bring into your reality (manifestation) through your dominant thoughts. So I say, if you’re going to have a fantasy, you might as well make it a good one!

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