Inspiration of the Week: Happiness

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Inspiration of the Week: Happiness

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I choose happiness everyday!

I believe that happiness, as well as unhappiness, is a state of mind, depending on how I choose to respond to any given situation; which ultimately determines my experience. Happiness and unhappiness are always here waiting for me. It is simply a matter of where I choose to reside within my Self.

It is my attempt to be happy and hopeful most of the time, because being angry all the time doesn’t serve me or anyone else. I believe that people don’t want to be around that kind of energy. My negative reactions cause stress for me and those around me. Stress such as fear, worry, distress, anxiety, imaging the worst, or “what if-ing”, is really the only source of my stress. I try to envision a positive outcome, not a bad one. Sometimes what seems to be the worst thing in my life, turns out to be the blessing.  My goal is to give love and happiness always, and to smile more often. People around me may feel better. Strength and happiness come from respecting yourself  (self-honoring choices). This gives me incredible inner power, which results in my happiness.

By treating my self and others with love and kindness, I feel connected to my authentic self. I devote time and attention to my self, daily. With this awareness, I am strengthened within! If I am happy, I will be healthier. If I am unhappy, depressed, lonely, sad and negative my immune system will respond to that and my health will be compromised. What I think, feel, and believe are powerful tools in my happiness and health.

Having or not having is the basis for some people’s happiness. What I know from my experience is that money doesn’t buy happiness. It may make misery a little more comfortable to deal with, but I will still be unhappy if I do not have love in my heart and in my life, and a positive mind. I like to set priorities to accomplish things that are important to me. I believe in what I set out to achieve and this helps me to  feel confident and positive, therefore, happy.

When I dream, imagine, or visualize happy things, my body responds as if it’s really happening. I encourage you to practice this more often.  It really is up to you. Make amends with people, especially the ones you’ve hurt in some way. You will find peace and calmness within. From my perspective, this is happiness.



  1. Thank you, Honey! I love you:)

  2. Love this! We all have a choice of how to live our life and I choose happiness

  3. Wow, mom. This post is just amazing! It’s my absolute favorite so far. I find this post so inspiring, especially “Strength and happiness come from respecting yourself “. That statement is so well put, and so inspiring.

  4. Beautiful Margie – you are a perfect role model for us all. Thanks !

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