Are You Loving Your Life?

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Are You Loving Your Life?

Sometimes we get caught up in the fast pace of life, the stresses of the world today, which seems so extreme; from world economies, political rhetoric, jobless claims, wars, natural disasters, and the never ending saga of the “news”. Or perhaps the seemingly endless stream of emails, texts, and other forms of communication that seem to be so urgent! Do you experience sleepless nights because of the constant mind-chatter and laundry lists of tomorrows to-do’s and/or “what ifs”. How do we center ourselves and simply experience joy in our lives? Your life speaks to you, do you hear it? Slow down and listen…

I am here to remind you that a shift in your consciousness and to take a moment to be still, be quiet, and just be… will do you wonders! Go for a walk in nature, indulge yourself  in the sun, the flowers, mountains, beaches, trees, birds, the wonder and amazment of Mother Nature and beauty of the world around us! Make that quantum leap from conflict and pain to peace and love. It’s all up to you!

I encourage you to really connect with others, hold that safe space for them, embrace them, liberate them, and love as many people as possible. This loving energy could quite possibly brighten up their day, therefore, you will undoubtedly experience joy and happiness. Genuine happiness is a state of mind, and always your choice.

You are responsible for your life and when you fully understand that, you will LOVE your life!  When you are in harmony with Spirit, nothing can hinder you, nothing!

Do what makes your heart sing, give someone a hug today, kiss someone you love today, smile, take a moment, and your soul will be expanded! I hope you are loving your life!


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