Supporting Habits

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Supporting Habits

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I am practicing self-supporting habits each and every day!

Do you ever have the experience of feeling like you’ve stopped your routine of taking the best possible care of yourself?

From eating healthy, exercise, or Spiritual practices, journaling, meditation, prayer, stating clear, positive intentions, and affirmations sometimes get put on the back burner because you’ve allowed yourself to get so busy that the important self-supporting habits take a back seat? I know I have!!

Sometimes as I go about my day, I think about these habits, and allow myself to stay so busy or tired to actually do them. Thinking about good habits is definitely not going to get the same results as actually practicing them! As more time goes by, I start to feel more stress, disappointment in myself, and like something is missing in my life. I am completely out of balance. I would imagine we all experience this from time to time, and that’s ok. It is important for me to remember how I felt when I was practicing better habits daily to get me back on track. As I re-introduce these self-supporting habits daily, I start to feel energized, more positive, I look and feel better, and my over-all disposition improves dramatically! This way of being helps me be my God-self, therefore, I feel fantastic and I know all things are possible!

Would you be willing to introduce or re-introduce a self-suppoting habit each day?

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