Inspiration of The Week: No Judgement (a subscriber submission)

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Inspiration of The Week: No Judgement (a subscriber submission)

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I joyfully accept what is knowing that everything is working together for my highest and greatest good!

This article was written by Irene Guyot


What would it feel like if you never judged anyone for being “wrong” for anything? Hmmmm…..I suppose by contrast then we would not be “right” about anything either. What would we talk about? Politics? Nope – “my party is right and yours is wrong.” Religion? Nope – “my religion is right and yours is wrong.” Gosh I so want to be right about everything! The way I dress, decorate my house, raise my children, water my garden, cook my food, my religious beliefs, political beliefs, dietary beliefs, clean my house, etc. IS THE RIGHT WAY, DANG IT!
Would we get along with our significant other better? No more can you accuse them for being “wrong” for “making” you feel a certain way i.e. lonely, sad, angry etc. What would you then do with those feelings you would invariably get? Are your feelings someone else’s fault or are these feelings simply unprocessed emotional pain that stems from well before we knew these individuals just waiting to be healed? Has it ever gotten you anywhere to accuse someone of causing your emotional disturbance? In my experience I am usually met with defensiveness and therefore a struggle with that person and ultimately still have the disturbance which is now exacerbated by the struggle. After much reading I believe that these “disturbances” will continue to occur until we take responsibility for our own feelings and heal those places within. How, you ask? Well I think that is an individual journey. However, because we are living in a world filled with energetic vibration, when we heal ourselves we are in turn healing the world. Right again! ☺



  1. thank you for the Friday insight…..very well said.

  2. Fabulously said..

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