Pure, Unconditional Love

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Pure, Unconditional Love

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I am pure, unconditional love!

Love is our true nature. Love can only be attracted and returned by love. When you love someone, you seek the good in that person. A successful loving relationship involves a sort of “tap dance”. You must dance to the other person’s tune, as you expect them to dance to yours. Otherwise, it’s a struggle and out of balance.

Do you control, restrict, judge, or manipulate your partners behavior to suit your own needs and desires? Is it possible for you to let them be who they are, think their own thoughts, feel their own feelings without making them wrong, have their own tastes, likes or dislikes, or must they behave in ways that meet your approval? Is this love?

True love is unconditional. You must love them for who they are AND for who they are not. You cannot help the conditions they put on your love, you can only release the conditions you have on them.

Love is the appreciation of your partner to such a degree that your heart is bursting and overflowing! You feel so much love in your heart that you can do anything! You are glowing, you have a genuine softness, tenderness, and gentleness about you. You feel safe, secure, and content. Love from your heart and not from your head. You deserve it and your partner deserves it!

Relationships are like mirrors. You do not attract anything that you are not. Somehow they complement you and your life.
Love is not criticism, scolding, name calling, belittling, or unreasonable standards. Love requires nourishing and expressing your love by telling them that you love them and by showing them, however you choose to express it. When you are loving, you are loveable.

Love is being able to be vulnerable, thrilling companionship, good conversation, listening, forgiveness, laughter, chemistry, passion, friendship, desire, inspiring one another, common goals looking in the same direction, the ability to say you are sorry, a state of mind, challenge or commitment, a divine accident (not looking for it), there for you no matter what, someone you can live with or the person you can’t live without…

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