A Life of Freedom

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A Life of Freedom

AFFIRMATION OF THE DAY: I am living a life of freedom!

We all have a story. A life, a past, a present, and hopefully a future. We can all say, “this happened to me, or he did this, or that happened to me when I was…”, but than what? We hold onto that “story” , that identity, that anger and sadness forever?

How we interpret things and hold onto them is our choice. It can become a perfect excuse for why I don’t have to take responsibility for myself and why I don’t want to stand up to the glory of who I am. It becomes old habit. We tend to hold onto our stories for a life time or at least until we realize (real eyes), what we are doing. Our “stories” form our behavioral patterns and who would we be without them? Honestly, who would we be without our stories? Hmmm, a great question for contemplation…

I was reminded by a teacher of mine of a picture someone gave her that shows a person in jail, holding onto two bars. If you look closely, there is an opening in the background that he could have walked out of at any given moment! This picture is exactly what we do to ourselves by living in our “story” and never resolving it or just letting it go.

It would be supportive for you to forgive any misunderstandings or judgements you have placed on yourself or anyone else, and let go of that story. Can you imagine the freedom by letting that go? Your life will be forever changed!

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