Our 4-Legged Friends

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Our 4-Legged Friends

I can’t speak for everyone, but those of us that are dog owners, we share something in common. Dogs seem to make everything better!

My little Daisy is a soft-coated tiny teacup Maltese. She’s a feisty little girl with a puppy-cut hairdo, a strong mind of her own and a hearty appetite to go with it. She loves to play and cuddle. She is like me in almost every way, including being tiny and petite and can’t stand to get her hair done 🙂

As most dogs, Daisy kind of sets the rules of the house. She sleeps on the bed, she patrols the property, keeping watch of the cul-de-sac and announces each visitors arrival.

I learn so much from her! We go for walks and she slows down to smell the the plants, which is my reminder to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. When she’s tired, she just locks her little knees so that I will carry her home. Another reminder to get more rest and stop when I get tired. She loves the wind in her hair with her ears blowing behind her. Something else I need to learn, to enjoy the wind in my hair…

Some of my best conversations have been with Daisy. She’s the best therapist! She just listens without judgement. I can cry, whine, and complain and she loves me anyway. She tries to lick away my tears so that I feel better. When I worry, I just cuddle with her and she assures me that everything will be ok.

I can stay out for hours, and no matter what, she is so happy to see me! Never angry, always unconditional loving and greets me with millions of hugs and kissses, so excited her little tail wagging so fast her entire body moves.

Those of us that have dogs know what it’s like to never feel totally alone. Never feel unloved or unwanted. Always feel appreciated, understood, and they think we’re the greatest thing since sliced bread! They don’t care what we wear, what political party we support, what our weight is, what kind of car we drive, if we’re having a bad hair day, or how much money we have. They don’t care if we say the wrong thing, give them the silent treatment, or discipline them. They don’t even care if we haven’t showered or brushed our teeth! They never withhold their love. They simply love us for who we are…

A wise teacher of mine used to always say there’s a reason that dog is spelled GOD backwards. So true. So very true.

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