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Recently I have recognized that if things do not occur in a certain way, within a certain timeframe, I tend to get a bit impatient. This impatience shows up for me as over worrying, complaining, and feeling defeated. This is not only uncomfortable for me, it is uncomfortable for those with whom I am interacting with. Let’s face it, we all can become impatient from time to time, but how do we reframe and deal with it in a more positive way? What I have come to know is:

– The Universe will test you by presenting challenges in your life. Whatever that may look like for you, if the outcome of these challenges or experiences shows up differently than expected, it is important to know that at this moment, it is absolutely for your greatest good, although painful or difficult, with faith and patience, the truth will be revealed. That truth is that everything is ok, no matter what.

– When life experience brings you to your knees, with faith and patience you will be strong with both feet firmly planted on the ground, no matter what.

– All in good time…not your time, the time is when the time will be. I was at a comedy show over the weekend and the comedian on stage joked about how “God” takes forever to answer our prayers. Sometimes our prayers are already answered and we just haven’t  recognized it yet. I have learned that I have to let nature take it’s course. I may not like the outcome or how long it takes, but things will happen when they are supposed to and not a moment sooner. With faith and patience, it will and already is really ok, no matter what.

Having the ability to surrender and keeping that faith that all is well, no matter how it looks or feels is a good way to practice patience. Knowing that I am doing my best and that all my efforts are paying off is all that I can do in this moment. It is simply that simple.  Moment by moment.



  1. This article sure came in handy, today. I need to read this every day!

  2. Agreed! Accepting what is without judgment while continuing to plow ahead is all you can do! xoxo

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