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I have learned that every relationship in life really is about the relationship we have with ourselves. No matter if it’s a relationship with another person, money, food, materialism, pets, etc. Every single thing we do and attract in our lives is a mirror of ourselves.
For example, if something bothers you about another person, honestly go within and ask yourself how are you like that? Be honest with yourself. If someone is always judging you, in what ways are you judging yourself?  If you have an unhealthy relationship with food or money, in what ways do you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself that mirrors the relationship you have with food or money? Chronic dieters deprive themselves. In what ways were you deprived growing up? Disappointment with others, how do you disappoint yourself? If you withhold love or intimacy, how are you withholding love or intimacy with yourself, and in what ways was love and intimacy withheld from you growing up? And so on…
It is never, ever about the other person, no matter how tempting it is to blame, we must look within (HONESTLY) and release these patterns within ourselves and all of these relationships will automatically shift into something greater!
The great news is, the reverse is also true. The wonderful qualities in these relationships are also the wonderful qualities within you!


  1. Pretty insightful stuff Marg!

  2. Perfect Perfect Perfect, thank you, just what I needed to hear today!

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